What are the advantages of learning to touch type for children and adults with dyslexia?

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Touch typing courses for children with dyslexia

A recent study showed that there is no difference between children with dyslexia and those without, when work is typed, but a significant difference when children with dyslexia hand write their work. (TES 30/3/07).

Typing with dyslexia

For students who are challenged by handwriting, developing touch typing skills can be life changing. Written work is often laborious and a barrier to achievement; therefore learning to touch type can significantly improve both quantity and quality of written work.

Typing with dyslexia offers a powerful way to learn to spell; spelling becomes a series of patterns and finger movements, becoming muscle memory and this can be a more effective way of learning to spell especially for students with dyslexia.

Why learn to touch type?

  • Improve keyboard skills in a computer dominated world
  • It doubles your speed and accuracy – more words per minute = more productive
  • Improves accuracy
    Touch typists make fewer errors in writing text
  • Learn to proof-read typing automatically to correct errors
  • Saves time (a university student can save over 333 hours of typing instead of handwriting)
  • It frees the brain to be creative with ideas and thoughts
  • Better posture and positioning – less tension in upper body
  • Improved reading and writing boosts self-esteem and confidence

What does a course for children and adults in Taunton include?

  • Specialist educational software for students with specific learning difficulties, developed by an Educational Psychologist and designed for the UK curriculum
  • Reading and spelling practice
  • Strong multi-sensory design (colour coding, written and spoken instructions)
  • Fun and engaging weekly lessons
  • Self-directed learning to allow students to proceed at own pace
  • Structured daily homework to reinforce learning
  • Learning independence for dyslexic users
  • Fun keyboard games and motivational stickers

Why use this software?

  • The touch typing programme is well structured and achieves good results
  • Boosts reading, writing and spelling through using structured vocabulary and high frequency words
  • Improves typing speed and accuracy
  • Extra lessons available to help students with dyslexia improve spelling without a typing tutor
  • Students with visual stress may change the background colour
  • Games and speed boosting exercises included
  • Monitoring of child’s progress
  • Certificates are awarded

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