Dyslexia Private Tuition – Taunton

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Dyslexia tuition for children and adults in Taunton

Services available from Access Success include 1:1 teaching for children and adults with dyslexia in a relaxed environment.  They have specialist teachers who understand that everyone is different; therefore, an individual multi-sensory programme is created for each pupil.  The focus is upon using the person’s strengths and weaknesses to develop key skills.  If appropriate, contact will be made with the class teacher to ensure that the teaching methods are suitable and compatible.  Realistic targets will be set in partnership with the student and parents.  These goals will be reviewed on a six-weekly basis.  Teaching dyslexic children and adults is very rewarding because often the student has many challenges, but, at the same time, many abilities.  Therefore, the teaching is a two-way process as their creative skills can help teachers develop resources to use with other students.

Study Skills

To be an independent learner, a student requires a range of Study Skills in order to reach his/her potential.  Some individuals manage to learn these skills naturally during their schooling; however, others may need to be shown.  The skills may include time management, organisation of paper and electronic files, learning subject specific vocabulary, revision techniques, structuring a piece of writing, note taking and reading comprehension.  A short course in some or all of the above may make the difference between success and failure.  After mastering these valuable skills, the student will be in a position to manage his/her learning while developing confidence and independence..

Assistive Technology

For students who find reading and handwriting challenging, using assistive technology can be life changing.  Writing text is often considered a difficult task and a barrier to achievement; therefore, learning to touch type or dictating the script (by using speech to text software) can significantly improve both the quantity and quality of written work.  Accessing text can also be a frustrating exercise; consequently, using reading software can enable children and adults to become more independent by gaining information through listening to the text being read aloud.  Also, reading software may be used to help individuals proof-read a typed document and identify their errors.

Access Success Clips

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Famous Dyslexics

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About Alyson and Access Success​

I am a specialist teacher and assessor recognised by the Professional Association of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (PATOSS) and the British Dyslexia Association.

Access Success aims to provide discreet and efficient assessment for specific learning difficulties including dyslexia. Covering the south west area throughout Somerset and Devon, Alyson is always on hand to help. If you would like more information or an informal chat about your requirements or for those of a child then please contact Alyson here. 

All information discussed will be treated as private and confidential.